Personal blog. American who moved to Switzerland in 2019 without a long-term plan. I write about train travel, solo travel, expat life in Switzerland, learning French, and working in international development and nonprofits.

Below are some helpful posts.

This is how I was able to get a visa and move to Switzerland as a non-EU/EFTA national, and this is what I’m up to now. Here are some things that surprised me about working in Switzerland as an American.

My top three recommended cities in Switzerland for a first-time visitor are Bern, Interlaken and Lugano. I’ve written a comprehensive guide to travelling in Switzerland here.

Here’s how I found an apartment in Geneva’s competitive market.

Because I live in a francophone region, I’ve been studying French since 2019. Here are all the different classes I’ve tried, online and in person.

5 random facts about me:

  • I text back quickly.
  • I was once invited to speak at the White House. Unfortunately I missed out on the opportunity because I was travelling.
  • Until recently, I worked in the environmental protection sector for six years. I’m also passionate about labor issues and workers’ rights. I am a dues-paying member of my workplace union.
  • The person I would like to meet the most in the world is Conan O’Brien.
  • I’m obsessed with shiba inus.