Moving to Switzerland

Moving internationally as a minimalist


Settling in: Geneva

Early struggles

1 month into living in Geneva

4 months in: logistical challenges

Why I like Geneva

1 year in

Tour of my Geneva apartment


Learning French

How I’m trying to learn French

Progress update: 9 months into learning French

15 useful French words/phrases to know

What’s the best way to learn French? I tried everything

Why it’s a nightmare trying to get help when you don’t speak French well


Exploring Switzerland

If I could only recommend 3 places in Switzerland to visit, I would suggest Bern, Interlaken and Lugano. But if you have more time, here are some takeaways from all the other places I’ve visited.

Switzerland in general

Canton Basel-Stadt

Basel – the arts and museum capital of Switzerland

Canton Berne

Bern – the federal city of Switzerland, with medieval dignity and charm

Interlaken – village straddling two stunning turquoise lakes

Lake Brienz – possibly the best lake in all of Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen – hiking and the inspiration behind Rivendell

Grindelwald – charming, snowy village at the foot of the Eiger

Spiez – friendly village with vineyards by Lake Thun


Gruyères and Bulle – castles, hiking and cheese

Canton Lucerne

Lucerne – charming medieval bridge

Canton Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel – bright and airy little city with a castle


Lungern – small village in the mountains

Canton Ticino

Bellinzona – sleepy little village with three castles

Lugano – the beating heart of Italian-speaking Switzerland

Canton Valais

Zermatt – skiing and the Matterhorn

Verbier – alpine village and popular ski destination

Canton Vaud

Montreux – romantic French-style architecture by the lake

Château de Chillon – one of the most impressive castles in Switzerland and Europe

Lavaux vineyards – stunning UNESCO heritage site by Lac Leman

Canton Zurich

Zurich – the quintessential Swiss city

On my bucket list:

  • Chur
  • Lungern
  • Wengen
  • Locarno
  • and many more….