my-travel-map 05.2023

Favorite destinations (so far)

  • Istanbul
  • Jerusalem
  • Kyoto
  • Lugano
  • Penang
  • Vienna

Thoughts on travel

How I pack for weekend trips

How I plan for solo trips in 9 steps

Favorite travel resources

Cultural Atlas – cultural sensitivities and business etiquette in other countries

Trip30 – user-friendly itinerary planner

Seat61 – comprehensive guide to train travel in Europe

Elliott Advocacy – guides to mitigate risks in travel planning

Re-open EU – status of EU and Schengen countries

Travel videos

Mycenae, Greece

San Marino

Graubünden and Ticino, Switzerland

Spiez, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Israel and Palestine

New Zealand

2023 Trips

St. Gallen, Switzerland (January)

Mdina and Valletta, Malta (April)

2022 Trips

Interlaken, Switzerland (January)

Singapore (January)

London, UK (April)

Dachau and Munich, Germany (April)

Vienna, Austria (June)

Antibes, France (June)

Istanbul, Türkiye (June)

Athens and Mycenae and Epidaurus, Greece (September)

Triesenberg and Vaduz, Liechtenstein (October)

Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand (December)

Hanoi, Ha Long Bay and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (December)

Penang and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (December)

Singapore (December)

2021 Trips

2021 end-of-year travel recap

Spiez, Switzerland (February)

Gruyères, Switzerland (March)

Lungern and Brienz, Switzerland (April)

Atlanta, United States (May)

Chur and Le Prese, Switzerland (June)

Morcote, Lugano and Locarno, Switzerland (June)

Yvoire, France (July)

Bologna, Italy (August)

Modena, Italy (August)

Granada, Spain (September)

Sevilla and Málaga, Spain (September)

San Marino, San Marino and Rimini, Italy (October)

Lyon and Paris, France (December)

2020 Trips

2020 end-of-year travel recap

Bali, Surabaya and Jakarta, Indonesia (February)

London, UK (March)

Lucerne, Switzerland (May)

Neuchâtel, Switzerland (June)

Salzburg, Austria (July)

Hallstatt, Austria (July)

Bellinzona, Switzerland (August)

Lugano, Switzerland (August)

Parma, Italy (August)

Cinque Terre, Italy (August)

Milan, Italy (August)

Lake Brienz, Switzerland (September)

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland (September)

Basel, Switzerland (October)

Vevey and Montreux, Switzerland (October)

Lavaux vineyards, Bourg-en-Lavaux, Switzerland (October)

Grindelwald, Switzerland (December)

2019 Trips

2019 end-of-year travel recap

Israel and Palestine (May)

New York City (July)

Bern, Switzerland (July)

Milan, Italy (July)

Paris, France (September)

Lyon, France (September)

Interlaken, Switzerland (September)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (October)

Morzine, France (October)

Ferney-Voltaire, France (October)

Zurich, Switzerland (October)

Brussels, Belgium (November)

Montreux, Switzerland (December)

Zermatt, Switzerland (December)

Urumqi, China (December)

Bangkok, Thailand (December)

2018 Trips

South Island, New Zealand (November)